Create jokes about current affairs!

  Who said you can only make a snowman when it snows?

  If you can combine your life with current events, your crush will look at you with admiration, and you will be more attractive!

  The same is playing in the snow, most people use snow to make snowmen, but creative people use snow to make coronaviruses and make people laugh.

  What impresses people is the latter, no doubt.

  If you lived a thousand years ago, you could also use snow to make a snowman. This is really not special enough. Even if you take photos and put them on social media, you will not earn a few likes.

  So, how to create jokes about current affairs? How to impress your crush and your friends?

  The best way, of course, is to read more news and the latest popular information, but this is not enough - The most important thing is “Write down”!

  Read the news and latest popular information every day, and write down three to five keywords immediately after reading.

  Next time, before you interact with your friends (or your crush), remember to review the keywords you wrote down today, and use them flexibly in your conversation and life.

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