Different ways to promote yourself!

  Finnair is selling their airplane food in supermarket during the COVID-19 period, why airline sell food in supermarket?

  It's because nobody is flying!

  Finnair did not wait for the end of the COVID-19 period, they actively made money in another way. If you are currently single, you shouldn't wait for your crush to fall in love with you suddenly!

  It’s because nobody knows the day when your crush will suddenly love you! Perhaps this day will never appear, unless you are willing to take the initiative!

  Why you have to change your "selling point"?

  You are high-quality, but your current "selling point" do not attract your crush. You must change the way to promote yourself, just as Finnair must change its strategy during the COVID-19 period.

  Change your hairstyle! Change to another dress! Be bold and change to a style that impresses your crush!

  The most important point is that you are not only need to change, but also let your crush know your changes!

  Don't be afraid of the opinions and comments of bystanders, they are not important!

  Why can't Finnair sell their airplane food in supermarkets? The most important thing is - Finnair can continue to operate in the future!

  So, why can’t you promote yourself by other way? Why should you be afraid of unimportant bystanders?

  The most important thing is - you can win your crush’s hearts in the future!


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